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Support high school students by sharing your career and schooling insights. Once in person-classes resume, students will be invited to sign up for Career Advising workshops and more to determine their interests and anticipated fields of study.  Groups will be created based on student need and interest.

The High School will organize workshops and career days throughout the year.  Once you sign up, you will receive more information and will be invited to participate as a career mentor/advisor.

About Career Advising

  • Advisors will be invited to participate in a number of activities throughout the year and should have a goal of participating in at least one workshop/ career fair

  • Professionals may participate in as many activities as desired

Career Advisor Qualifications

  • Alumni or friends of Woodland Hills School District welcome

  • Minimum five years of professional work experience

  • Current employment preferred, but not required

Become a Career Advisor


This is a new and growing program! If you are interested in and willing to work with us as we iron out the kinks and details--or if you have interest in helping us build this program using your own time and expertise to guide us as we build this program, fill out the short questionnaire below.


Want to learn more or offer feedback? Contact:

Joanne Krett

College & Career Services
Woodland Hills High School
2550 Greensburg Pike
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
412-244-1100 x 5160

Thank you for your interest!